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The Fairy

A whimsical French comedic fairy tale about love and life


In this lightly plotted but loopy French comedy, a night watchman at a harbor-town hotel — the sad-sackish Dom (Dominique Abel) — has his nightly routine interrupted by two guests. One is an Englishman (Philippe Martz), who steals all the pens; the other is a young woman named Fiona (Fiona Gordon), who claims to be a fairy who can grant him three wishes. He collects the first two, falls promptly in love with the coltish Fiona — and then she disappears! Dom pursues her through town, with the help of a myopic bartender (Bruno Romy), some hospital patients and trio of African immigrants.

The story, while sweet and affirming, is mostly a thread from which to suspend sight gags, dance numbers, little bits of physical comedy and wordplay, and generally revel in a brightly colored near-life fantasy world where everything is just amusingly askew. For instance, Dom and Fiona's courtship finds them dancing underwater, where suspended plastic grocery bags mimic jellyfish. The whimsical film is written and directed by its three stars, Abel, Gordon and Romy, and will likely charm fans of Jacques Tati, Chaplin and similar humanistic but wry minimalists. In French, with subtitles. Mon., June 11, through Thu., June 14. Harris

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