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The Dream Intended releases thematic, hooky pop-punk album 

The Dream Intended
Break-Up at the Movies


A pop-punk concept album might seem like a stretch, but then, we're eagerly anticipating the upcoming Green Day rock opera, so perhaps all bets are off in 2009. The Dream Intended's debut album, Break-Up at the Movies, may not quite qualify as a concept album in the Ziggy Stardust sense, but it does revolve thematically around relationships, and is chock full of references to movies (not specific films, but the idea of cinema).

Unity of theme, aesthetically and intellectually, is one thing this release has going for it: The Dream Intended doesn't dabble or go back and forth with sounds or ideas. The songs, while differing in pace, are mainly major-chord opuses that center around new love and heartbreak, with a little nostalgia thrown in. The vocals are slightly grating at first, but easy to adjust to, especially given that this disc is, as you may have guessed, targeted at the Fallout Boy set. The heavy hitters of the genre have nothing on The Dream Intended where sound is concerned.

Literary heroes they're not, and some of the rhymes are duds ("We all grew up and moved apart / They moved on, I fell apart"). And blatant song-title misspellings are a bit worrisome to the anal retentive among us (Is "Incendeary Device" an in-joke we don't get, or does it betray a need for a proofreader?).

But in the end, it's pop-punk, and if you're in your teens and cruising the mall, spelling errors and less-than-stellar lyric poetry probably aren't your main concerns. For hooks, guitar tone and a general sense of devil-may-care pop fun, The Dream Intended gets high marks. And maybe that's what counts here.


The Dream Intended with A Vision Within. 9:30 p.m. Fri., May 22. Smiling Moose, 1306 E. Carson St., South Side. 421-431-4668 or



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