The Change-Up 

Yet another body-switcheroo film, but now with more vulgarity

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In this latest iteration, two best buds -- an irresponsible slacker lothario (Ryan Reynolds) and a workaholic dad of three (Jason Bateman) -- trade bodies after peeing in the same magical fountain. If you were waiting for the extra-vulgar, hard-R version of this premise, director David Dobkin (Fred Claus) delivers. But don't get too excited: This comedy teases with plenty of sexual naughtiness but pulls its punches every time, falling back instead on lots of poop jokes. It's as if The Change-Up were scripted by two 12-year-old boys who find sex hilarious but are secretly terrified of what it might entail, and break the tension by making farting noises. And, of course, behind all the titty shots and celebration of boozy boyish behavior, Dobkin can't stress enough how important marriage, family, hard work and commitment are. (You can get this in church for free.) The "outrageous" laughs in this film are as phony as its switcheroo premise. Starts Fri., Aug. 5.


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