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This is a past event.

The Blair Witch Project 20th Anniversary Screening

It may seem quaint to imagine a found-footage horror film taking the world by storm today, but in 1999, thanks to the novelty of the idea and a genius (and cheap) marketing campaign swearing by the film's legitimacy, The Blair Witch Project did just that. It's a "documentary" about three pals who are not very good at making films, but experts at losing maps and yelling at each other in the remote woods of Maryland (?) while searching for a witch. It was followed up by a spectacularly awful sequel in 2000 and the mildly awful Blair Witch in 2016, but the original's legacy is pretty air tight and holds up 20 years later. Head back to a simpler time of huge cameras and broken cell phones when AMC screens the original for one night only.

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