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The Best Man Holiday

Catch up with the characters from 1999's The Best Man in this over-stuffed dramedy


The first holiday movie of the season is out, and like that perennial dessert, fruitcake, it's packed with little bits of everything: motherhood, fatherhood, a baby, a funeral, amateur obstetrics, God, lack of God, cat-fights, sexting, a career-defining NFL game, Chekhov's iPad, interracial romance, commitment, lack of commitment, Santa, raucous comedy, tears, men without shirts, ample bosoms, prayer, cursing and a lot of Showcase Mega Mansion.

Malcolm D. Lee's dramedy is an update on the characters from his 1999 The Best Man (you'll get a brief re-cap in the opening credits), and it's a weird mix of naughtiness and a T.D. Jakes-style tale that doesn't quite gel. The film also seems to go on forever, an endless stream of melodrama breaking out, resolving and busting out again. There's a decent cast here (reprising their 1999 roles), and they deserve better than this silliness-by-way-of-seriousness hodge-podge. The film would have been twice as good with half as much in it.

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