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The Ball Joint, in Beaver Falls, offers fun-to-eat of meatballs

Meatballs can be dipped in a variety of unique sauces, including "Pennsyltucky Barbecue"

Beaver Falls may not be your prototypical college town, but located just down the street from Geneva College is a classic-style college eatery that's worth a weekend drive or a detour if you happen to be in the area.

The Ball Joint, as you might be able to guess, specializes in gourmet meatballs and homemade pastas, but not necessarily sold and consumed together. Although scratch-made jumbo macaroni and fettuccini smothered in sauce is an option, the real draw here are the meatballs and the wide array of dipping sauces.

You can get your balls — Italian-style made from beef and pork, or chicken — in a basket with one or more of the Ball Joint's 17 signature sauces. The meatballs are sizable and, well, meaty, with not a lot of filler. You can eat your fill for a buck a ball, with as many of the sauces you care to try.

The marinara sauce is fine, but it is not the star on the sauce list, where livelier choices include: traditional buffalo, "Pennsyltucky Barbecue," and the spicier "Siracha Slam" and creamy Cajun. My favorite, in spite of its silly name, is the tangy BALLsamic Zing.

And that reminds me of another great thing about this place — a huge menu on the wall filled with balls-related jokes. And the laughs are cheap: Other than two family-style combo meals, there's not one item on the menu priced more than $9.

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