The Ant Bully | Film | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper

A boy becomes an ant in order to learn how to be a better boy in this formulaic tale set among the formicans. The gist of John Davis’ animated film is a bit confusing: The ants shrink the bratty Lucas, bring him below ground and say he must learn to behave more like an ant. This from ants who walk upright, mix up magic potions and are just as petty as humans. The Ant Bully opens slowly, and there’s certainly nothing fresh about its basic lessons (teamwork, always). The underground realm of the ants is neatly depicted, yet much of the computer animation is static (Lucas’ hair, though tousled, never moves). That said, somewhere in the middle, The Ant Bully finds its groove, and skitters along quite amusingly on lots and lots of six legs. Actors Nicolas Cage, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep and Bruce Campbell lend their vocal talents to various ants.

Rating: 2.5 projectors

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