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The Animation Show

Animated funnies come to town.

This traveling show of recent animated short comic films compiled by Mike Judge (Beavis and Butthead) returns in its fourth iteration. The roughly two dozen films are a mixed bag -- in style, substance and entertainment value -- but there's enough here to guarantee a fun screening. Among the highlights: the crudely drawn but funny "Angry Unpaid Hooker" (part of an upcoming HBO series); a visually brilliant bit of stop-motion animation "Western Spaghetti," from PES; the swirling, artfully shifting shapes of "Jeu"; a pair of computer-animated bunnies on the run, in "Usavitch"; the droll undertaker adventure "This Way Up," from U.K.'s Smith & Foulkes; and a surprisingly evocative paintball battle, seemingly staged within a 1970s arcade game, in "LOVESPORT: Paint Balling." And because no compilation would be complete without an entry from Bill Plympton, Show also offers "Hot Dog," the final installment of the well-known animator's "Guard Dog" trilogy. In English, and some French, with subtitles. 10 p.m. nightly, Sat., July 12; and Mon., July 14, through Thu., July 17. Oaks (AH)

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