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The 412: wwoman’s music video is pleasurable and indulgent

The music video for wwoman’s new song “Chuchi,” which drops on Fri., Sept. 13, opens with the buzzing sound of neon, and a young girl standing outside of a supermarket. Once she enters and picks up a shopping basket, the dreamy, bedroom pop track kicks in, and viewers are transported into a shopping fantasy fueled by the girl’s sweet-toothed desires. 

“It follows a young triangle who doesn’t fit into the round hole,” says wwoman of the video. “It’s awkward. And at the end of the sequence — at the end of the dream — I wanted to make sure that you get no resolution from the awkwardness of not fitting in, just like real life.”

Floating around the store, the girl ditches leafy greens for Pocky. She fills her basket with candy and chips, strips off her jean jacket, and dances up and down the aisles before cracking open a bubbly beverage and chugging the entire can. But at every turn, there is a cashier or weird older man, attempting to snap her out of her daydream. 

“Chuchi” is a commentary on the pleasures in life, and the guilt of indulging, imposed by outside influences. 

“You can smash yourself into the afforded hole, which is what everyone else wants you to do, or you can understand that you don’t need the hole,” says wwoman. “The track and video stand apart thematically, but complement each other texturally. They are both very neon, and they are both triangles.”

Ahead of the music video’s release, Pittsburgh City Paper chatted with wwoman for The 412, CP’s music section where local musicians give updates, as well as fun tidbits about their lives.

4 Questions about sleeping

Do you need white noise or silence to fall asleep?

How much I rely on white noise depends on how my life is currently going. If I’m working on a project and find myself obsessing, my head being really loud at night, then the white noise helps me wash out the head noise. 

What does your bedtime routine look like?

Do the teeth, do the moisturizer, do the deep breathing. Relax with Frank, Marvin, and Chuch. 

Are you a back, side, or stomach sleeper?

I’m a hybrid. If I had to choose one for eternity, it would be side.

Favorite thing in your bedroom?

I would say the bed because without that it would just be a room.

1 question about music

What’s your all-time favorite album?

I can’t even think of one album that I like.

2 questions about animals

If you could have any animal — wild or even extinct — as a pet, knowing it wouldn’t hurt you, what would you choose?

I would clone myself in an attempt to be more productive.

What would you name it?


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