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The 412 with Wesley Schultz of The Lumineers

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Danny Clinch
The Lumineers

On Tuesday, The Lumineers touch down in Pittsburgh to support their third album, III, with a show at PPG Paints Arena. Pittsburgh City Paper chatted with The Lumineers' Wesley Schultz for The 412, CP’s feature where you can stay up to date with your favorite bands/musicians and learn fun, random tidbits about them.

questions about food

What’s currently in your fridge?

I don’t have a fridge. I have a cooler with some wine in it, some kefir, and coconut water. My wife has a premixed custom Negroni.

Name three items you would buy at a grocery store to make the cashier feel weird.

Ranch, peanut butter, and bread. 

If you could rename peanut butter, what would you call it?

Peanut is not a nut, it’s a legume. You could call it legume butter, but it doesn’t have quite the ring. 

What’s one food you could eat forever, without getting sick of it?

Thai food. 

question about information

Name an out-there random fact that most people don’t know.

Michael Jordan has that “Jumpman” logo, he’s wearing pants, and no one ever notices that. 

questions about guests

What’s the weirdest thing a guest has ever done at your house?

I had a guest leave and then break in and give me wine that was my own wine — he presented it like he had bought it for me. So, he stole my wine, gave it back to me, and broke in without us figuring out how he did it — we still don’t know to this day.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen at someone else’s house?

I saw a human-sized bird cage in a house one time, hanging from the ceiling. It was suspended, and looked medieval almost, gothic. 

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