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That Awkward Moment

... When you realize some decent young actors are slumming in a weak rom-com


While I'm happy Hollywood is making rom-coms featuring ditzy adorable guys instead of ditzy adorable girls, Tom Gormican's attempt falls short of success. In the plus column, we get three good-looking and engaging actors in Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller and Zac Efron, and some drool-worthy Manhattan real estate. But the plot is choppy — the men secretly start relationships while pretending to be players — and the jokes are stale (Viagra boners? Really?). The whole affair is a step back for these actors, all of whom notched up good performances last year: Jordan in Fruitvale Station, Teller in the off-beat rom-com The Spectacular Now and Efron in At Any Price. Dare to travel beyond easy and expected, lads.

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