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Three men work through their sex addictions in this well-meaning, low-key dramedy


Stuart Blumberg's ensemble dramedy tracks a few weeks in the lives of three New York City men who are in a support group for sex addiction. Adam (Mark Ruffalo) has been "sober" for more than five years, but his tightly ordered life is being challenged by a new girlfriend (Gwyneth Paltrow, seemingly doing a light parody of her Goop lifestyle). Adam's sponsor, Mike (Tim Robbins), is the silverback of the group, whose struggles include an estranged adult son with his own substance-abuse issues. And lastly, there's Neil (Josh Gad), whom we meet in deep denial, but who takes his first steps with the help of a new buddy (pop singer Pink).

Having a solid cast helps keep this tale crisp, and the issues of addiction (particularly its wider repercussions for friends and family) and recovery are presented without too much preachiness. Events wind up feeling tidier than they do in real life, but Blumberg does leave room for messiness and uncertain outcomes.

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