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Terminator Genysis

The saga of man-vs.-machine just gets more ridiculous, and incoherent

p>I could make a long list of unfortunate consequences that occur when time travel disrupts the normal course of history. And if Terminator Genysis is any guide, one of those problematic outcomes is that time can hold an infinite number of Terminator sequels, and that we just might see them all. Alan Taylor's sci-fi actioner sets up in the familiar Terminator timeline. But then, through the miracle of made-up science, the story is re-arranged so that when Kyle Reese (a wooden Jai Courtney) goes back to 1984 to save his mom, Sarah (Emilia Clarke, Game of Throne's Kahleesi), she doesn't need saving. And, now her best bud is a T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger)!

Anyhow, some more time-folding, and these people and machines are running away from those other people and machines, and then, like a square-dance, everybody changes positions and people are now machines and the heroes are villains, and Google is the new Skynet, and — seriously, who cares? I wish I could say that the action at least makes up for the incoherent plot, but it's car chases, running to beat a ticking clock and two naked Schwarzeneggers fist-fighting (kinda cool, I guess, if you're into that). And as for special effects, this is the second time in a month I've seen the Golden Gate Bridge destroyed, and that liquid-metal Terminator morphing was way cooler last century.

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