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A celebration of Pittsburgh dining

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CP photo: Jared Wickerham
Chef Sonja Finn serves up artistic plates at Carnegie Museum of Art

Pittsburgh’s food scene has expanded dramatically in the past decade. Sure, old habits die hard and we still love fries on top of our salads and platefuls of pierogis, but the restaurant scene keeps getting even better and more diverse. It’s why the city ends up on national lists for its cuisine year after year, and why our chefs are continuously recognized as some of the best in the country.

For this year’s Taste magazine, we’re exploring restaurants that offer more than just food. Our cover model Sonja Finn, the first chef in Pittsburgh to receive a James Beard Award nomination, helps serve up artistic plates at Oakland’s Carnegie Museum of Art. It’s just one of many museums in town to offer a bite to eat after feeding your cultural needs.

We’re also taking a trip to the South Side to visit Carmi’s Soul Food and Savoy in the Strip District, where the food comes with a side of live music. Then a trip to a bowling alley where the entertainment comes with a side of food.

You’ll also find stories on local restaurants with gardens, a deep dive into the history of a burger with an unusual topping, and our picks for the spiciest finds in town. Plus, read about a local man who pulled himself out of depression by making bagels.

Food is life, food is healing … Oh, who are we kidding? Food is everything. Bon appetite.

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