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Always Never Again
Touch and Go




"Everybody Sings" scans like a psychoanalyst's waiting-room checklist: Fill this out and hand it back in, and Dr. Melfi will see you in a moment; "Do you feel a connection to people on the street / from time to time ... not at all." It's straight indie-artsy lyrical text -- or it would be, were it screamed over a Big Black noise-sheen. Supersystem's smarter than that: A fluttering neo-tech-house whiplash beat, Afro-funk guitar plucks and smirking-girls backing vox raise the bar to make El Guapo's (as Supersystem were known) latest disc the new standard in indie-disco punk. If the post-punk dance-geist is ever going to escape the weight of its influences (and hyphenations), put your money on Supersystem as the ones to do it. Part ESG, part Femi Kuti, part college radio, part Italo Calvino po-mo folktale, Always Never Again corrupts and redeems its musical surroundings in proportion, leaving dance floors and dorm bunks equally sweaty.



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