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Summer-y Offenses

What I did on summer vacation: suffer

Even summer has its dark side. Killer heat waves. Stinging insects. Poison ivy. Sweaty people on the bus. And if you're like us, before you can take a week off from work, you have to work twice as hard the week before you leave. You almost need some time off just to prepare yourself for your vacation.

Sometimes, you're better off just staying home.

By following the links below, you'll find help for doing just that -- our guide to concerts, films and other summer happenings in and around the city.

Fairs, Festivals and Special Events

By the Numbers 

Summer Music Roundup

Concert Listings

Sports and Recreation

Kids Stuff

Art Listings

Theater Listings


And for those who still pine for a vacation getaway but can't afford gas at $3 a gallon, here are some stories of summers gone wrong ... just to remind you of what you're missing.


Shark Sucker

Total Carnie-age

Paradise Lost

The Wrong Track

Cleaned Out

Deep Trouble

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