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Stuff We Like

Beer Flight
Photo by Rebecca Nuttall

Beer Flights. Mount Washington's Bigham Tavern offers a flight of four craft brews for $10. Stop in soon for the Weyerbacher Merry Monks.

Bike fix station
Photo courtesy of Renee Rosensteel

Dero Bicycle Fixit Stations. There are now more than a dozen of these amenities around town, each with an air pump and a variety of tools strung on cables. (This one's by Downtown's Century Building Bike Parking Station, on Seventh Street.) They're like free clinics for bikes. Finder map at

The Knickerbocker Russell Company logo. Big Nick's adorable overalls are made completely from the "K" in the name. It's hard not to smile when spotting the logo from along the Parkway West.

A Most Wanted Man. One of Philip Seymour Hoffman's last films, and a perfect encapsulation of why we'll miss the late actor: In this drama, Hoffman plays a world-weary, depressed spy who is undone by the tiny spark of hope and humanity that all the late nights, booze and cynicism can't extinguish. Now on DVD

Grandview Bakery
Photo by Ashley Murray

Grandview Bakery.  This Mount Washington shop sits in the middle of the Shiloh Street main business district. This month, it's featuring "Movember Mustache" cookies. 225 Shiloh St.

This Changes Everything. In arguably the year's most important book, author and journalist Naomi Klein contends that we can either address the desperately urgent problem of climate change or we can have global capitalism — but not both. Klein tackles everything from the dangers of unconventional fossil fuels to corporate greenwashing and geo-engineering, and sketches a democratic way forward.