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Street sweeping in Pittsburgh city neighborhoods to return without ticketing

click to enlarge Street cleaning sign - CP PHOTO: AMANDA WALTZ
CP photo: Amanda Waltz
Street cleaning sign
The coming of spring means warm temperatures, big blooms, and gentle rainstorms. It also means waking up in a panic when you realize you haven't moved your car for the street sweeper. However, this season, the city of Pittsburgh has decided that, while street sweeping will resume, ticketing will not.

On March 31, the Department of Public Works announced that it will suspend parking enforcement for street sweeping, set to begin April 1. A press release says this is "due to the large number of people still working from home during the pandemic."

DPW still urges residents to "move their vehicles when possible on the designated street sweeping days in their neighborhoods to allow for crews to effectively maintain streets."

Last year, street sweeping was postponed from its regular start date of April 1 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It did resume in June 2020 but, much like this year, did not include ticketing.

This adds to the COVID-19 outbreak influencing changes in parking enforcement throughout the city, as fewer people were, and still are commuting to work or driving in general. In spring 2020, Pittsburgh Police and the Pittsburgh Parking Authority became more lenient with motorists parking illegally Downtown, at first not penalizing them and then handing out no-fee tickets as a warning that regular tickets would soon resume.

The street sweeping period runs from April 1 through November 30, 2021, and signs in each neighborhood inform drivers what days and on what side of the street the service with be performed.

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