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Still Mine

Gentle Canadian drama, based on real events, about fighting the system, even at age 87


Writer-director Michael McGowan's low-key drama is based on a true story, parts of which are universally familiar. New Brunswick farmer Craig Morrison (James Cromwell) and his wife (Genevieve Bujold) are in their 80s, and failing health is impacting their previously fiercely independent lives. It's what Morrison does next that makes his story extraordinary: At the age of 87, he designs and builds a new home, better suited to his wife's infirmities, and allow them to stay together. But he neglects to file the proper permits, and the half-built house becomes a point of contention between Morrison and the authorities. That's about it for plot (and the outcome is no surprise), so the film's small pleasures are in Cromwell's pleasantly gruff performance and its underdog tropes. It also delicately walks a line between sentimentalizing the couple's longtime relationship and depicting some of the inevitable challenges that come with aging.

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