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Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview

In this 1995 interview, Jobs talks early Apple, what went wrong, and about the future


In 1995, Bob Cringely interviewed various computer-industry players for his TV series Triumph of the Nerds, among them Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Only 10 minutes of the 70-minute interview aired, and the master tape was lost. Recently, the full interview was re-discovered (on VHS, of all clunky things) and is offered here.

The interview will be of interest to fans of Apple, or students of the ongoing development of the computer biz. There's no big reveal, but Cringely caught Jobs at what we now know was a critical junction. Jobs had been booted from Apple and was heading up NeXT; he was months away from rejoining Apple, where he would revitalize the struggling company with the iMac, iPod, iPhone and so on. Thus, Jobs is nostalgic recalling Apple's somewhat anarchic birth, annoyed with Apple's current state, dismissive of Microsoft, and busily formulating what the future needed.

Jobs is relatively candid, and delivers plenty of Steve-isms for the faithful (explaining why he is a hippie, not a nerd, or likening teamwork to a rock tumbler). He gets some stuff wrong ("Apple is dying ... I don't think [that] is reversible at this point"), while his other predictions are spot-on, such as how the web will be the "defining social moment for computers." Ironically, this master of aesthetics is presented here simply in a no-frills head shot, but fans will likely still relish this rare sit-down. Mon., May 21, through Thu., May 24. Regent Square (Al Hoff)

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