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Stereo Total

Do the Bambi
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Rarely in the course of history have Franco-Prussian relations produced such harmonious results as in Stereo Total, the Berlin-based, multilingual, electrotrash-chanson-pop duo of Françoise Cactus and Brezel Göring. (Who else would record a song that references Klaus Kinski and Jerry Lewis in the same verse?)


Do the Bambi showcases the eccentricities we have come to expect and love from Stereo Total: Gainsbourg-Bardot duets in Casio-bleep-era Leonard Cohen settings; trashy Danceteria electro; '66 Paris-café chic matched with '05 downtown naughtiness. If this all sounds a little too willful, at times it is. But rather than distance themselves with the cold hipness of cheap technology, Cactus and Göring go for a warm availability. Like on "Les Lapins," with Cactus's cutesy vocals and Göring's warm guitar offsetting hard-wired chords. Or the near-perfect indie dance-anthem-to-be "Vive le Week-End," a '77-punk song structure in a inflatable bouncy castle of mini-synth and drum machine, complete with car-crash effects, it's Stereo Total in a nutshell: like J.G. Ballard's idea of a Euro-Disney soundtrack.

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