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Step Brothers

Comedy about perpetual man-boys fails to ignite.

This film is about as funny has actually having two younger brothers who are big-baby, whining, pain-in-the-ass frustrating drains on the whole family. OK, but at least in real life, those 11-year-old brats grow up and turn into adults you can embrace or ignore. In Adam McKay's one-note comedy, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly portray a pair of 39-year-olds, who still live at home and act like life is a perpetually bad day in ninth-grade; it only gets worse when their parents' new marriage means they have to live together. Cue 90-plus minutes of body-slamming, witless profanity, unattractive pouting and bad T-shirts from the stars, and discernible looks of shame from their could-do-so-much better co-stars Richard Jenkins and Mary Steenburgen. Starts Fri., July 25. (AH)

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