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Steely McBeam is immortalized in a creamy butter sculpture

click to enlarge Steely McBeam as a butter sculpture - PHOTO: PENNSYLVANIA GOVERNMENT
Photo: Pennsylvania government
Steely McBeam as a butter sculpture
It finally happened. After years of working the mills, covered in grime, and then forced to cheer on his namesake football team every Sunday, Steely McBeam has finally received the recognition he deserves.

At the Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg this year, the Pittsburgh Steelers mascot has been immortalized in a butter sculpture. His chiseled jaw and hard hat are softened into creamy, Pennsylvania made butter.

Steely McCream looks decidedly less muscly, and more willing to give you a warm hug. But he is still strong enough to easily balance a steel beam made out of butter. He's tender, yet powerful.
Joining Steely are his cross-state mascot rivals of Swoop, the mascot of the Philadelphia Eagles, and fan-favorite Gritty, the mascot of Philadelphia Flyers that debuted in 2018.

Last year, a pseudo-campaign emerged online to have the famed butter sculpture capture Gritty. The farm show didn't disappoint, and also made sure that a Pittsburgh mascot joined the creamy creations.

Below the three mascots is a butter-made lunch of milkshakes, cheeseburgers, pizza, and a cheese plate. The perfect meal to get Steely through his long shift.

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