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State Politics: Fighting Past the Finish

We may still have Mark Rauterkus to kick around some more.


The special election for state senator in the 42nd district remains special for the Libertarian candidate, even though he got 7 percent of the votes and winner Wayne Fontana, the Democrat, got 55 percent.


The way Rauterkus figures it, he was outspent 250-to-1 but only outvoted 50-to-1 "I take this as a big success,: he says.


Speaking from Chicago's O'Hare airport on his way to Shanghai -- not to flee the district, but to accompany his wife on a business trip -- the one-time unsuccessful Republican candidate for mayor says he plans to challenge current Republican mayoral nominee Joe Weinroth to debates this fall.


But why would Weinroth ever accept such a challenge from a noncandidate, when he has to concentrate on losing to Bob O'Connor? "We have to whip Joe into shape so he can do serious damage to the machine," Rauterkus says. "And if he can't handle me ..."

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