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Is it over yet, our turn on the global stage? Have The New York Times reporters left for good? (Check underneath the bar at Brillobox before answering.) Can we finally go back down to the corner bar to watch the game, without fearing that Newsweek's Howard Fineman might be on the next stool? 

It's nice to have company over, sure. But it's also nice when they leave. Then you can go back to enjoying what you've got without having to explain it, or worry about what the guests will say. 

In that spirit, we offer this year's "Best of Pittsburgh" issue, in which our readers celebrate what makes Pittsburgh Pittsburgh. This is the stuff that was here before the world descended upon us, and that stuck around after the global leaders left. Some of it has always been here, some of it we're only just now beginning to appreciate. But it's what defines us, long after the headline writers have turned their attention elsewhere. 

In this year's edition, we've combined the results of our readers' choices -- some of which we've spotlighted with full-length articles -- with some staff picks. The idea is to point out the most popular places today, while suggesting some of the places and people that might merit a visit tomorrow.

Because if we learned nothing else from the G-20, sometimes the best place to be is just a little bit outside the limelight.



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