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STACKS unveils its next round of Pittsburgh musicians for their digital collection

A huge congrats to the artists who have been selected to join the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's living music collection, STACKS.

Twice a year, the digital music platform, which debuted in 2018, selects a batch of Pittsburgh bands and musicians to feature in its exclusive streaming service. Each artist is paid a one-time stipend of $200 for the use of their music. To put that number in perspective, it would equal about 23,000 streams on a platform like Spotify. This comes at a much needed time for local musicians, who, in a world without coronavirus, would usually be making money through concerts and live performances.

This round's STACKS jury included James Armstead Brown, Jim Cunningham, Amir Littles, Jacquea Mae, Mary Tremonte, Carnegie Libary's Lauren Zabelsky, and me, CP's Jordan Snowden. Out of over 110 submissions, we were able to choose 51 projects from Pittsburgh bands and musicians, ranging in genre from hip-hop to world music. This number is higher than previous STACKS cohorts, which averaged at about 40. STACKS project lead Toby Greenwalt pushed to accept as many artists as the budget would allow because, he says, "I know it has to be tough for people who can't perform."

Check out all the musicians who will be joining STACKS, below. The hope is that STACKS can continue to add to this collection over time, making a digital and living library Pittsburgh artists. Music in the collection is free to stream and library cardholders can download the songs for free. (Those in red have been previously featured in CP. Click to read the story.)

Elkhound - Along the Highway
Clara Kent - AURA
KleZlectic - Better Than Bulgar
The Latebloomer & Moemaw Naedon - Circular Signals
The Dead End Streets - Coming Home
Melina Bowser - Crazy Ideas
Heavy Lobster -
Crustacean Kaiju, Vol. 1
Low Lumens - The Distant, Everyday
ryan server - evoke the absent
J Butler - Found
Gallo Locknez - Gallosworld
FUBAR - Get on the Bus
Merce Lemon - Girls Who Jump In
Glam Hand - Glum Hum
Benefits - Go Big
Brittney Chantele - The Golden Opportunity
Hoodoo Drugstore - Hallowed Ground
The Beagle Brothers - Hearts Go By
Her Ladyship - Her Ladyship
Hobbes Duende & KiLaMDaPro - KilaHobbes Season
Pretty Tombs - Live at WRCT
Frame and Mantle - Lost Under Nighttime Sky
Tribe Eternal & NVSV - MYSTERIOUS SH*T
The Dead End Streets - No Excuse Not to Have a Merry Christmas
Chatham Baroque - No Holds Barred
Swiss Army - Paris Mountain
Karl Dodson Franklin - Perception Of Value
C. Scott - Phase Shifting
The Regal Sweet - The Regal Sweet
Sam Stucky - Saccharine
Tied Heart - Set Fire to All Not Now Burning
Sneeze Awfull - Sneeze Awfull
The Dead End Streets - Snowball Fight on the 4th of July
The Dead End Streets - The Time Has Come
Come Holy Spirit - Undiscovered Land
Snowdonia - Veneers
INEZ - Voicemails and Conversations
Lady Beast - The Vulture's Amulet
The Andromeda Project - waiting
Wild Talk - Wild Talk
Identity X - Wounds of our History
Quiet - Yellow Paint
Listen to all the albums, here.

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