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A ticking time-bomb thriller that's ridiculous, but fast-paced and fun

It's been a pretty good season for pretty good B-movies (Limitless, Lincoln Lawyer, Adjustment Bureau) -- and here comes another. Duncan Jones' thriller marries solid performances with a ridiculous but compact plot, delivering 90 minutes of popcorn-munching entertainment. Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) wakes up on a Chicago commuter train, in the body of another man who is traveling with his maybe-girlfriend (Michelle Monaghan). It seems Colter is a soldier whose consciousness has somehow been beamed into this scenario in order to catch a bomber: The train is just about to blow up. Colter only has 8 minutes, but can be re-sent to live those same 8 minutes, gaining knowledge each time. Controlling this bizarre anti-terrorism strategy are two military personnel (Jeffrey Wright, Vera Farmiga), who turn out to have conflicting attitudes about this action's morality. It's Groundhog Day plus Run Lola Run, with a splash of Primer -- and decidedly more than 8 minutes worth of twisty fun. Start Fri., April 1.

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