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Song Spotlight: "The Pain Has A Purpose" by Some Faith

"The Pain Has A Purpose" is an eerie, hypnotizing debut track release from Some Faith, a new Pittsburgh dark synth-pop duo.

Vocalist Indigo Baloch and producer Brian Sikes Howe plan to continue releasing music throughout 2020 they already have an entire album ready but, for now, are only sharing this first ghostly single, which dropped Sept. 1. Baloch and Howe have been working on music together since 2019.

Sinister synthesizers from Howe carry "The Pain Has A Purpose" to produce the ideal mysterious Halloween season single. The underlying tracks produce a pounding, repetitive harmony, reminiscent of a chase scene in a horror film. This continuous, synth track captivates from the very first hook of the song.

Baloch’s haunting vocals sing over the synths to transport listeners and complete the experience. Even the official lyric video released by the duo features flashing lights and dark images of a woman, a lighter, and chains, adding to their dark aesthetic.

The lyrics of the single may be one of the most chilling parts of the entire song. "The pain has a purpose /  If we live through this, then we’ll know / That this was worth it," Baloch sings, hypnotizing the listener. She refers to being in a painful situation, but knowing that there is always great growth from pain. It’s oddly calming how Baloch preaches that pain is temporary and worth the hurt in a song that is filled with uneasy melodies.

From their first single, the best way to describe Some Faith is an unconventional, goth, synth-pop gem. The duo doesn’t follow your typical expectations of synth-pop bands. In fact, Some Faith is the perfect representation of what a spooky/thriller film would be if it were turned into music. Much like a horror movie, listeners are stuck with a cliffhanger of what is to come next from this bold duo.

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