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Song Spotlight: "The Billy" by Flower Crown

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Photo: Benjamin Prisbylla
Flower Crown
Pittsburgh haze pop band Flower Crown just released their new single, “The Billy,” off their forthcoming album Heat, and it’s the perfect song for the waning heat of late summer. “The Billy" is a love song that isn’t overly sweet, but will still have you recalling the freshness of new love. With sun-soaked vocals and a beachy bassline, it's an easy song to fall into completely.

Flower Crown in its current lineup consists of “The Billy” songwriter Richie Colosimo, Mike Iverson, Zach Bronder, Chris Sexauer, and Jon Sampson. Their 2019 album Sundries was a fast hit with critics, earning the band solid reviews. Flower Crown was set to go on tour in 2020, but announced in March they were canceling due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Let's hope, with the upcoming release of Heat on Fri., Sept. 24, the band can go back to playing live shows soon.

The lyrics of "The Billy," especially the chorus, make it a song you can easily sing along to and have on repeat. This part of the song is deliciously harmonious, as the instruments blend seamlessly with the vocals.

Something’s here, my head is clear
And now we have the time
The past won’t be the traveled path
Now I know we’ll be alright

Underneath my skin
Please just let me in
Honeybee, be sweet to me
and I’m yours til the end.”

Colosimo says it was an attempt to write outside of his comfort zone.

“I never really write a whole lot of saccharine love songs, so I tried to step outside of my comfort zone and write how I was feeling about new love,” he stated in a press release.

Named after a motel in rural West Virginia, “The Billy” definitely conjures a feeling of being secluded in a new place, but balances it with the expansiveness of the bassline that opens the song up, and makes it an earworm that you can listen to anywhere.

“The Billy” is available for purchase on Bandcamp and available for streaming wherever you listen.