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Song Spotlight: "Retro Love" by Brittney Chantele

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Art by Riley J. Benson
Single art for "Retro Love"

If you like the big sound of the 80s, you’ll love Pittsburgh musical artist Brittney Chantele’s new single “Retro Love.” The song is full of synth and shout-outs to popular songs from decades past.

Chantele sings over the fun, bright beat about stepping out on the town with your boo and looking good while doing it.

“Step out on the scene
who you with?
you with me
you look good
I do too
we got a thing
we got a thing.”

"Retro Love" references songs from the early aughts by Soulja Boy, Drake, Dem Franchize Boyz, Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber, and more. There’s even a Prince reference in the second verse.

“Last call at the bar
we’ve been running out of time
let's get one last purple rain
like it's 1999.”

The track is a love song about a person, as well as an ode to music, especially music that would have been popular around the time Chantele was in high school.

While Chantele is better known for hip hop, their foray into pop music has been a welcome one. They have also been flexing their songwriting and collaborative muscle; this song in particular was created with Livefromthecity and Ryan M. Tedder (Ryghteous Ryan).

This single will have you singing along and dancing in no time. It's a bop that's easy to fall into whatever mood you're in.

"Retro Love" is now available on all streaming platforms.