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Song Spotlight: "Prey To My Grief" by Some Faith

click to enlarge Some Faith - PHOTO: COURTESY OF INDIGO BALOCH
Photo: Courtesy of Indigo Baloch
Some Faith
Pittsburgh music act Some Faith recently released “Prey To My Grief,” a sonic, haunting track. Some Faith, composed of Indigo Baloch on vocals and Brian Sikes as producer, stepped onto the music scene in 2020 with their song “The Pain Has A Purpose.” They release an EP in October 2020, and “Prey To My Grief” continues the band's trend of spooky pop highlighted by intense, emotional lyrics.

“When I was young, I wanted
Everything that left me haunted
Always loved the ones who hurt most
Now what's left of me is a ghost

Prey to my grief so you can't can't catch me
I'm a prey to my grief so you'll never have me no
Prey to my grief, so you can't can't trap me
I'm a prey to my grief so I'm so untouchable.”

The song speaks to a tendency to be stuck in the past and revel in pain, but also wanting to protect yourself from greater harm by learning from the past. The refrain of “Ima prey to my grief” followed by “so I’ll sharpen my teeth” really hammers home the impulse to protect oneself in the face of danger.

Baloch, who wrote the song, says “Prey To My Grief" is, like other Some Faith songs, a "lyrical and musical way" for her to "process and unpack trauma."

"In this case, specifically, it was about falling into the cycle of abuse in relationships," says Baloch, who also co-owns the Black Cat Market in Garfield. "It’s about being so haunted by your past and the pain of past relationships that you think that’s all you deserve. You want something healthy and tender, but sometimes after so much abuse you just start to feel that’s all you can have. It’s a pattern I know myself and many of my loved ones have fallen into.”

Baloch’s vocals oscillate between an eerie chant and a high, almost pleading tone that, along with the grainy synth, gives the song texture listeners can cling to. If you were an emo kid characterized by your big emotions and dark predilections, you’ll love this new song and Some Faith in general. It's music for that kid who grew up with a better understanding of their feelings and the things that happened to them.

“Prey To My Grief” is available on all streaming platforms now. It will also be on Some Faith's second EP, dropping August 13.

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