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Song Spotlight: "One for the Road" by AE Honick

Breakups are tough, and everyone handles them differently. In Pittsburgh blues/rock artist AE Honick's case, he's smothering his sorrows at the comfort of a bar.

"I drink 'til I'm wasted / we all know the cases / I'm trying to drown my thoughts of you," Honick sings with gusto in his newest track, "One for the Road." The single dropped Fri., Sept. 18 and is the prelude to an album that Honick has been working on at Incline Records in Homestead.

"We all went all in on these tracks," says Honick in an email, "really trying to make a difference and positive influence anyway we can in a new world of music and in general."

Honick's relationship may be over, but "One for the Road" is buoyant and
rollicking — like the feeling of when you've had just the right amount to drink.

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