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Song Spotlight: "Nothing I Have" by Brendan Cope

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“Nothing I Have” by Brendan Cope is a synth pop, electronic song that conjures feels the likes of early James Blake. Cope’s voice is melodic and soft and, while slightly distorted in the song, it is still clear enough to enjoy as you listen. His voice is dripping and haunting with electronic waves and sounds accompanying him that only add to that atmosphere.

The lyrics are emotional and resonant:
"With all myself collapsing
I can’t run away with passing time
I can’t drown myself here
Without waiting for the tides
It’s hard enough to dig ourselves out
When all we see is through sunken eyes
When I look at myself now
All I see is through sunken eyes."

As a listener, it reads as a heavy song, but the height at which Cope sings gives the song a little levity, while the lyrics ground you in reality. They tell the story of someone at a crossroads in their life, looking back at the past and their desires, while trying to remain in the present, freeing themselves from what “tethers” them.

I can see this song playing on a rainy, introspective day. This is also a song that I think would lend itself well to remixes, so I can’t wait to see what Cope does with it once it’s released.

“Nothing I Have” drops Fri., April 30 and will be available to purchase and stream on Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Music.

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