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Song Spotlight: "Lonely Feels" by Sierra Sellers

click to enlarge Lonely Feels single cover art
Lonely Feels single cover art
Pittsburgh-based singer Sierra Sellers just dropped a new song called "Lonely Feels" and it’s one you’re going to want to listen to immediately. The song is so smooth and her vocals are perfectly tantalizing. The song opens with the lyrics:

“Woke up by myself again
Thought it was a bad dream
Ain't no good for my health n'em
Still Recovering
I can't lie, been real nice
Doin' me and choosin' I”

The lyrics lets listeners know the song is about being comfortable in one’s singleness and loneliness. There is a “you” that the song seems directed toward (you made me laugh, you made me smile, you fucked me up all the while). These lyrics and the general vibe of the song make it clear that Sellers is happy to be without this person and is reveling on those lonely feels.

The chorus is silky and dreamy. It’s a song that once you learn the words, you’ll be singing along to. It’s been on repeat in my house the past couple of days and I’m sure it will be in yours too.

The final seconds of the song declare:
“Don’t you worry bout me
I don’t need nobody
Only, lonely”

Leaving listeners with a feeling of independence and strength in that decision to stay “lonely.” This song is available on all streaming platforms and is available for purchase on Bandcamp now.

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