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Song spotlight: "Let Me Know" by Brittney Chantele

click to enlarge Brittney Chantele - CP PHOTO: JARED WICKERHAM
CP photo: Jared Wickerham
Brittney Chantele
click to enlarge Drawing of Brittney Chantele by artist Maggie Lynn Negrete
Drawing of Brittney Chantele by artist Maggie Lynn Negrete
One of Brittney Chantele’s newest single drops, "Let Me Know," is a mash-up of pop and hip-hop where the popular local musician flexes her vocals and flow. Written by Pittsburgh hip-hop artist Livefromthecity, "Let Me Know" starts with distorted, pitched-up background vocals from Livefromthecity himself, and settles into a synth that gives the whole track a dreamy, old-school feel. This track is on the slower end, but it will still make you want to dance and bob your head. In addition to the lead vocals, Chantele also provides background vocals throughout the rest of the track, creating a pleasing harmony in the song.

The lyrics detail those moments in relationships where one party is trying to convince the other that they are seen, loved, and worthy. The opening lyrics of the hook state:

“I want to help you solve problems
I want to hear all about 'em
Tell me what turns you on girl
I want to learn your body
Let me know
Let me know”

The speaker in the song wants their partner to know that they are here physically and emotionally. The song is full of great lyrics and sweet affirmations like, “Why would I settle for a dime when you are a diamond mine?”

Along with "Let Me Know," Chantele's other new release, "Like I Don’t Love You" is also more in line with her foray into pop, but the flow on this song does incorporate elements of the hip hop and rap she is known for. "Let Me Know" in particular has an R&B feel to it, especially with the sensual lyrics, the beat, and the style of singing Chantele employs.

"Let Me Know" is definitely an earworm. You’ll be sure to find yourself singing it out loud as you go about your day working or doing the dishes. It’s currently available on all streaming platforms and available for purchase on Bandcamp.

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