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Song Spotlight: "Highwire" by Honey Prism

Photo by Victoria Miller
Honey Prism
With a sexy, resonant beat and an impassioned vocal performance, “Highwire” by Pittsburgh dream-pop band Honey Prism is a song that’s perfect to put on when you’re trying to impress a cutie. The band consists of Jeanean Naqvi (vocals/synth), Mike Hricik (bass/synth), and Chris Rowe (guitar/vocals).

With Naqvi on vocals, the mood matches what is suggested by the title. Naqvi’s voice climbs to new heights during the chorus but is measured and even throughout.

Like many dream-pop songs, the synth and guitar sort of creep along like a many-legged creature. It adds a hypnotic effect to the song, and, coupled with the haunting vocals, this one is sure to get under your skin.

The dark, moody lyrics only add to the tantalizing feel of the song:

"On my own I am another kind
Carefree with a darker side
If you knew just what was in my mind
It would hit you like a landslide

I admit I didn’t see the signs
Now watch me light this town on fire
Cuz you know I always walk the line
Find me on the high wire

I’ll be my own highwire
I’ll be my own highwire
I’ll be my own highwire"

“Highwire” strikes a balance between that measured and daring energy. At one point, the sound drops out, and then the synth, the guitar, and the vocals return slowly, climbing back up to the high notes.

“Highwire” officially drops on Fri., Sept. 3, the same day the band is set to appear at The Government Center's new location for Helpin’ Aht Fest 2021, a concert and donation drive that provides free instruments and gear to the community. Working and nonworking musical instruments, microphones, cables, stands, mouthpieces, reeds, strings, and bows will be accepted, even if they’re not in the best shape.

Helpin’ Aht Fest 2021. 7:30-11 p.m. Fri., Sept. 3. 715 East St., North Side. $10 or donation.

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