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Song Spotlight: "Do What Now" by Gaadge

“Do What Now” is one of the singles off Gaadge’s album Yeah? released earlier this year from Crafted Sounds. The band formed in Erie and now resides in Pittsburgh with its four members. Yeah? is a great project as a whole, but “Do What Now'' definitely stands out as the shoegaze-y, brash song you want to bob your head to or watch performed in a crowded basement. It is a song that makes me miss the atmosphere of live shows where you’re stuck standing behind someone taller than you, poised on tip-toe and weaving around shoulders.

The lyrics “Are we in too deep? Is the talk too cheap?” are sung low and buzzy as the song rages toward its end. It gets better with each listen, even in the context of the full album.

Yeah? is available for purchase through Bandcamp and also available on Spotify to stream.