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Song Spotlight: "Come In" by Sober Clones

Hello, come in, and welcome to the fuzzy world of psychedelic pop band, Sober Clones.

The Pittsburgh duo has shared the first single from their forthcoming sophomore album, Island in an Ashtray, which is "really close to being done," and that they are "super excited about," according to a post on the band's Instagram on Sept. 10.

The song, "Come In," is a wonky, easy-going tune that feels like floating in a river on a sunny day. It follows the path of tracks like "Sober Clones" and "Situational Safety" from the duo's self-titled album that dropped in February - airy and serene enough to lose oneself in, but tinged with slightly-muffled vocals and lo-fi unnatural elements that kept you alert. Sober Clones knows how to mix unconventional sounds together to make concise, catchy tunes.

Like dabbling with psychedelics, Sober Clones takes listeners on a trip, without having to leave home.

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