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Song Spotlight: "Chores" by feeble little horse

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feeble little horse
Frenetic and noisy with an infectious rhythm, “Chores” by feeble little horse is a great song for fall. Listening to it will make you want to pull out your grungiest flannel and head to your nearest basement show. “Chores” comes off of the forthcoming album Hayday, which will be released on Fri., Oct. 22. "Chores" and other songs from the full album are heavy with distortion and buzz.

feeble little horse is a quartet that consists of Sebastian Kinsler, Ryan Walchonski, Jake Kelley, and the recently added vocalist and bassist Lydia Slocum. Kinsler and Walchonski formed the start of the band in Pittsburgh’s Oakland neighborhood and, soon after, Kelley was brought on as a drummer. Slocum was added to the lineup in May 2021.

“Chores” is the next single off of the album which will be released on Fri., Oct. 8. Slocum’s vocals alternate between sweet and high-pitched at moments, to deep and vibrating at other sections of the song. The track is just under three minutes, and the quick, urgent guitar gives it the feeling of being on a roller coaster. The lyrics are laced with a scathing humor:

"You should get some new shit baby
I put my name on the leftovers
good boys know to be polite
I'm not
don't you know manners big boy?
you need to do your chores!
you need to clean the floors"

Pittsburgh City Paper got a preview of the full album, and it is full of fast-paced, energetic music that will have you ready to party. There are also more slowed-down tracks on the album, like "Too Much" and "Grace." The lead single off the album "Drama Queen" has an even, almost dead pan vocal performance but is still full with feeble little horses' wild sound.

Until "Chores" is released, get your fix by listening to "Drama Queen" here:

feeble little horse will have their album release show on Fri., Oct. 22 at Rothko House, joined by A Country Western and Natural Rat. Follow the band on Instagram for more information.