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Song Spotlight: "Call of the Void" by Disheveled

click to enlarge Album Artwork - ART BY MATT GALLAGHER
Art by Matt Gallagher
Album Artwork

A recent collaboration between Pittsburgh musical acts Disheveled and Spednar under Thaco Records has yielded a unique project titled Disheveled/Spednar Split. The album consists of four tracks from each artist, and each track is heavy with distortion and sound.

The track starts with a woman's voice asking "do you have any idea what's outside those windows, how black it gets?" and those are the only words uttered in the song. The rest of the track is a boisterous, bumping electronica with accented clashes and thumps. The whole album is great to put on while you're working (as I did) but you can also enjoy it in a dark room dancing with friends or strangers.

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