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Song Spotlight: "Bullet" by Chandra Rhyme

CP photo: Kaycee Orwig
Chandra Rhyme

This smooth track combines two of my favorite things: great vocals and a tantalizing beat. Chandra Rhyme’s talent has captured the city, especially after her Sunstar Music Festival performance a few months ago. She released “Bullet” in April shortly after that performance, and it's been in heavy rotation in my apartment since.

When I talked to Rhyme back in March ahead of the Sunstar show, she said she was excited for the opportunity to be introduced to a wider audience.

"I really hope the audience can capture the scenery and the ambiance of each song that I do," says Rhyme. "I hope they can really tap into me as an artist and really get to know me."

With “Bullet” (which is at over 70,000 streams on Spotify), it's safe to say Rhyme has done what she set out to do.

The lyrics tell a timeless story about being deep in love with someone, even if the relationship isn’t all it seems to be.

“Something I can't control like it's destined to happen
If your love was a drug then I would be relapsing
I'm prepared to take the risk
And bite the bullet
When it comes to you, baby
Cus you're my baby
I can't get this feeling off my chest
Every time I think of you it makes me reminisce
Want you in my world
But I know there’s consequences.”

The song evokes R&B hits from the early 2000s, while still having a modern feel and resonance to it. With the catchy lyrics and the edge to Rhyme’s voice, you’ll be singing along to this song and memorizing the lyrics in no time.

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