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Song Spotlight: "Break Me Down" by Ryan Haynes and Mick Jenkins

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Break Me Down Single Cover Art

Pittsburgh based singer Ryan Haynes’ new single with hip-hop artist Mick Jenkins feels like a carnival ride, and I mean that in a good way. “Break Me Down” is playful and fun, but the lyrics tell a story about being in a relationship that, well, breaks you down. At one point Haynes exclaims “if you love me, then let it go” as “make up your mind” is sung in the background. One thing I really enjoy about the song is the lyrics. They are emotional but catchy, and easy to learn, so you can jam along with Haynes and Jenkins.

Jenkins is a true talent, with songs like "Carefree," and “Communicate” with Ravyn Lenae, as well as a collaboration with Kaytranada called “Gray Area” on the Grammy award winning album Bubba. Jenkins has become a name in the hip-hop community.
Haynes has gained global notoriety as DJ Afterthought, and has had his hands in hits from artists like Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, Tyler the Creator, and more. "Break Me Down" was produced by DJ Afterthought and Why Awake, and the song is perfect to put on loop while dancing. Haynes vocals really carry the song. The song is sure to resonate with anyone that’s been in a complicated relationship before.

“Break Me Down” is a project that is sure to become a hit. The song is now available for streaming on all platforms. 

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