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Some Netflix suggestions to ease the holiday get-togethers

Available for screening: surfing, artificial legs, bad cops and dancing elephants

click to enlarge Bojack Horseman - PHOTO COURTESY OF NETFLIX
Photo courtesy of Netflix
Bojack Horseman

There’s a good chance you’re gonna get stuck with guests — or be a guest — in this upcoming holiday season. Maybe everybody gets along and wants to play cards, or maybe it’s easier to just fire up the old Netflix box and kill a couple hours watching something. You know, let other people do the talking.

To that end, I dug around the bright spots and dustier corners of Netflix to find a batch of programming that you can match to the occasion or guest. If these don’t work out, there’s always one of the thousands of feel-good nature docs like Baby Animals in the Wild, or Australia’s Deadliest Sea Creatures.

click to enlarge Get Me Roger Stone -  - PHOTO COURTESY OF NETFLIX
Photo courtesy of Netflix
Get Me Roger Stone

If your guest is into:
Zombies: Try the recent Korean actioner Train to Busan, a.k.a. zombies on a train.

Disney: When was the last time you saw Fantasia?

Literally Today’s Political News: Get Me Roger Stone profiles the political prankster who continues to flit in and out of Trump World.

Arguing About NFL Players Kneeling: The Trials of Muhammad Ali is about next-level political protest by an athlete.

Star Wars: Meet the bit players of the first film in the doc Elstree 1976.

Funny/Sad Stories About a Washed-Up 1990s Sitcom Star Who Is a Horse: Binge hard on Bojack Horseman; there’s even a Christmas episode. 

Something Weird and Thrillerish: The OA takes up a lot of time, and will give you something to talk about

click to enlarge Five Came Back - PHOTO COURTESY OF NETFLIX
Photo courtesy of Netflix
Five Came Back

I wish we were at:
A Fancy Ski Resort: The Norwegian pitch-black comedy Force Majeure, about a ski vacation ruined by something dumb dad does, will ease the pain.

A Beach in the Past: You can’t beat the low-budget 1966 surfing doc The Endless Summer for vicariously enjoying sun and unspoiled beach worldwide.

A Boozy Nightclub in Dublin: The raucous profane soul stylings of The Commitments will take you there.

I could do something serious:
War and Media: Five Came Back is a short documentary series about Hollywood filmmakers who covered World War II.

Police Corruption: The Seven Five is a look at a 1980s Brooklyn cop dubbed “the dirtiest.”

Prison Reform: You probably missed Time: The Kalief Browder Story when this six-parter ran on cable last summer. Black teen gets stuck in the jail system.

Photo courtesy of JoJo Whilden/Netflix
The OA

Some true stories that will have the whole family saying “No way!”:
The Imposter. A missing teen returns to his family.

. Former beauty queen abducts Mormon man.

Finders Keepers. Two men fight over an artificial leg.

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