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Soaked in Bleach

A docu-drama questions whether Kurt Cobain’s death was a suicide

Benjamin Statler’s new docu-drama looks at the life and death of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, drawing from the investigative work of private detective Tom Grant, who was hired by Courtney Love to track down the missing musician days before he was found dead. Statler combines contemporary interviews with dramatic recreations and audio tapes Grant made in 1994 to suggest that Cobain’s death may have been a murder set up to look like a suicide. Grant offers some loose speculation and points out problems with the crime scene, and while he doesn’t outright accuse her, Grant doesn’t have much good to say about Love. The film, which is reminiscent of a Dateline crime episode, teeters between fascinating and ghoulish, and will most interest fans of both real-life mysteries and Nirvana.

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