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Snow Angels

Small-town lives touched by tragedy propel this downbeat drama

David Gordon Green directs this drama, adapted from Stewart O'Nan's novel, about a half-dozen intertwined lives in a rural town. At the center is Glenn (Sam Rockwell), the puppyish but unstable estranged husband of Annie (Kate Beckinsale), and their fraught relationship that spills over to include high schoolers, co-workers and family. The film's mildly comic opening scene of band practice is interrupted by two gun shots, and the flashback of several weeks -- all in winter's gloom -- are weighted with by the anticipatory crack of that gunfire. The ensemble cast of solid actors keeps the unfolding tragedies centered; teen sweethearts Michael Angarano and Olivia Thirlby offer what little hope this downbeat story has. Squirrel Hill (AH) [capsule review]

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