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Silver Tongued Devil reunites for punk-rock New Year's bash

If you're wondering how to kick off the New Year, stop by the 31st Street Pub, where Rob Tabachka will reconvene his garage-punk quintet, Silver Tongued Devil, for a New Years' bash that also features Atomic Drops and Devil Moto.

In the late '90s, on Get Hip and German label People Like You, STD recorded albums to rival the likes of the New Bomb Turks and the Supersuckers, and featured fire-breathing vocalist Todd Porter, currently of The Cheats. Porter, for one, is excited about reliving the band's revved-up, trashy rock 'n' roll. "It's gonna be over the top," he says.

Meanwhile, Tabachka is closing his influential record store, Brave New World, after catering to an Oakland audience hungry for punk, metal, hardcore and hip hop since 1997. While they're still friends, co-owner Spahr Schmitt is retiring from the business -- but the store has already reopened as Wicked Discs, now a partnership between Tabachka and his pals Vinnie and Daphne Curtis.

A few shoppers might know that Vinnie was in Pittsburgh's first industrial-noise band, Plastic Btls, in the early '80s. That, plus his better-known stint in seminal punkers Half Life, qualifies him for a "scene elder" status that keeps visits to Wicked Discs interesting. "If I sell a Minutemen record, I can tell [people] about playing with them and Hüsker Dü," Curtis recalls. "I've got stories about bands on Dischord, punks from England, and Glenn Danzig sleeping in our living room."


Across town, at Diesel, on Fri., Dec. 28, members of area pop-punk stalwarts Punchline, The Berlin Project and Clearview Kills start fresh with the all-ages debut of their supergroup, Gene The Werewolf. What can kids expect?

"They have a gimmick comparable to The Darkness or Kiss," says local promoter Josh Bakaitus. "When 'Gene' gets into his suit, he assumes a different onstage persona. And at the beginning of every show, they have a werewolf that comes out and jumps around."

The show starts at 6 p.m. and also features The Spacepimps, Nothing Unexpected, Mark This Day … and Bakaitus stepping into the role of fashion designer with his new clothing line, Moov.

"I'm going for a sporty feel, like Nike or Adidas but not [specifically] hip hop," he says. "My designs are heritage-based, with some African inspiration in the color scheme of red, orange, yellow and green." He hopes such designs will transcend subcultural boundaries with a broader appeal and positive message. "I don't want segregated styles of clothing. I'd rather try to bring everyone together." For more info, visit,

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