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She's Out of My League

Pittsburgh stars in a sweet, amusing comedy

Native Pittsburgher Kirk (Jay Baruchel) has no life goals, works as a TSA screener, is scrawny and awkward looking, and drives a Dodge Neon. But, he's also kinda funny and nervous-puppy cute, which is why a smokin'-hot babe such as Molly (Alice Eve) decides to go out with him. John Field Smith's comedy -- punched up with a couple scenes to get the coveted R rating for sexual vulgarity -- doesn't break any fresh ground, but it is sweet, likable and occasionally laugh-out-loud funny. And this film sure gets its Pittsburgh on, making our city look like a fun, sunny, happening place. Hopefully the Euro-style makeover that Market Square got for this film actually happens. Starts Fri., March 12.

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