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Sharon Dilworth's Two Sides, Three Rivers

Sharon Dilworth
Two Sides, Three Rivers
Bridge and Tunnel Books

A cemetery picnic. A quaint home in the Mon Valley. The settings in Sharon Dilworth’s new short story collection will be familiar to Pittsburgh-area readers.

But the themes in the collection are universal. Many stories explore how people deal with grief. In several, characters set off in search of truth, or an answer to a question that will surely heal their pain. But whether it’s information gleaned from consulting a medium or hiring a private eye, when these characters find what they seek, they’re usually worse off.

Other stories examine how loss defines people. In one, a man reflects on his mother’s miscarriage two years before he was born. 

“She let it define her because she could remember her tragedy any way she wanted to — somehow the mother of a dead baby was more important to her than being the mother of four kids,” Dilworth writes.  

All of these stories are set against the backdrop of a city very much in transition. A lot of today’s headlines regarding our fair city emphasize how Pittsburgh has overcome its Rust Belt roots. But Two Sides reminds us that those roots, and the people emblematic of them, are what make this city such a treasure.   

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