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A happily married lawyer (Richard Gere) finds the spark that's missing from his well-padded life when he secretly takes ballroom-dancing lessons. Peter Chelsom's light comedy is based on the 1995 Japanese film of the same name, but its vibe is closer to the 1992 hit Strictly Ballroom. Gere is initially drawn to the dance class with hopes of attracting curvy instructor Jennifer Lopez, but instead finds camaraderie with the other somewhat hapless students, and a genuine love of the dance. It's a feel-good bon-bon of a film, with welcome performances from a strong cast of supporting players (Stanley Tucci, Richard Jenkins, Lisa Ann Walter); there's only one unpleasant taste: the leaden Lopez. Thankfully, she's mostly secondary to the story, so just ignore her -- if you can: She may be spiritless but the camera can't stay away from her prodigious backside.

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