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Sex Tape

Not funny or sexy; just a waste of actors and iPads

To spice up their sex lives, a married couple (and parents to two movie-moppets) makes a sex tape. A three-hour sex tape ... based on the zillion-year-old guide, The Joy of Sex. And because lazy screenwriters love the tech-impaired, their video winds up in the cloud by mistake. Even less believable, the whole mess starts because Dad cycles through iPads like underpants and gives away his old ones — fully loaded — to assorted strangers. So the pair — Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz — spend a frantic evening trying to get the devices back, including one that went to her soon-to-be-boss (Rob Lowe). It's a shaggy-dog tale, directed by Jake Kasdan, that might have been amusing if it had any laughs or fresh ideas at all, which it doesn't. Yes, the two stars spend a lot of time buck naked as promised, but with so many strategically placed props and discreet camera angles, don't expect more than butts and some side boob.

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